USD 1,200,000

Available for Purchase, Lease or Lease to Purchase. Tour configuration. The 7 Place Interior consists of a composite-structure 2 Place Forward Passenger Seat on the right-hand side of the cockpit as well as, the Left-hand Pilot Installation. The seat is installed on fixed rails on the cabin floor and is removable by use of quick-release fasteners

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Total Time:
North America



    • Full Specs and Equipment List available on request.
    • New ADS-B compliant KT74 with ADS-B Out
    • New paint.
    • Air Conditioning
    • Float equipped
    • USA N Registration and current C of A
    • Import / Export Services Available.
    • Full Customization and delivery and training available.
    • Best in class 7 Place helicopter, lowest operating costs DOC and DMC, large storage with 2 Side Baggage Cheeks.

Additional Info

The multipurpose, single-engine AS350 B2, has an outstanding proven track record. Its flexibility and low acquisition cost have made it a very sought-after helicopter capable of performing a wide range of missions including; passenger transportation, aerial work, training, observation, firefighting and law enforcement, among others. With its spacious and comfortable cabin accommodating one pilot plus up to 6 passengers, the AS350 B2 is especially appreciated for its passenger transportation capabilities for VIP missions, tourist flights and public service tasks.