USD 625,000

An amazing price for a top notch machine.  This is a vendor motivated to sell.

Library picture only – not actual machine as this is only available off-market.

Currently in a utility operation. The vendor has indicated this excellent machine is available immediately and has asked us to find interested buyers.

Contact us for more details and to express an interest.

Total Time:
North America


ECL Cargo Swing and Cargo Hook

ECL Cargo Mirrors
ECL Litter Kit Provisions
ECL Dual Squirrel Cheeks

ECL Baggage Door Hinge Kit

DART Bear Paws
DART Flight Steps

Facet Scavenge Oil Filter Kit

Purolator Fuel Filter Kit

Tanis Heater Kit
FDC Filter Kit

Airborne Boost Pumps
DART Vertical Reference Window

Ground Handling Wheels


Garmin GTX 327 Transponder

Garmin GTR 225 VHF Comm

Technisonic TFM 138B FM Comm

NAT AMS43 Audio Controller

Aero Switching Panel

Component times

Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 Engine

MO1 Accessory Gear Box 22 Months

MO2 Axial Compressor 1,830 Hours remaining

MO3 Gas Generator 1,341 Hours remaining

MO4 Free Turbine 985 Hours remaining

MO5 Reduction Gear Box 712 Hours remaining

Fuel Control 1,098 Hours remaining

Starflex 2,903 Hours remaining

Main Rotor Sleeves x 6 2,809 Hours remaining

Spherical Thrust Bearings  3,309 Hours remaining

Epicyclic Reduction Gear 3,021 Hours remaining

Bevel Reduction Gear  2,721 Hours remaining

Tail Rotor Gear Box  1,066 Hours remaining

Tail Rotor Blades 637 Hours remaining







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