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AViAD Global Limited – an online portal to facilitate your Aviation sales and purchases

The two buttons above enable you to register your plans if you are either looking to sell or to buy over the next 12 months.

As sales facilitators this information enables AViAD to match buyers to sellers on a worldwide platform using the extensive worldwide contacts we have. As a buyer, this is at no cost to you unless you specifically commission us, at agreed terms, to search for you. If AViAD have a customer with interest in the Aircraft or Helicopter type/s you are selling, we will contact you by your preferred contact method and discuss our terms to facilitate a sale. You have nothing to lose by registering your interest with us, as seller or as buyer, and there is no payment other than after an agreed sale.

None of your information is held on-line – it comes directly to AViAD and is held off-line in a protected database. Just to reassure you, all enquiries are on an anonymous (‘no names discussed’) basis until we have matched a buyer and seller and both parties agree to disclose. If you choose to, you may also advertise conventionally on this site rather than deal off-market.

The portal enables you to register upcoming fleet changes for up to a year in advance so that AViAD can plan ahead for you and line up interested parties to speed up your fleet changes.