AViAD would like to mark the passing of a true legend of the Aviation industry.

We do not use the word ‘legend’ lightly but Frank Robinson, who passed away last weekend at the age of 92, was one of those rare individuals who had an enormous impact on the world of Aviation and changed the landscape of helicopter flying for ever.

His persistence in introducing in 1979 the best-selling Robinson R22 at a time when the world did not realise it needed a two-seater piston-powered private helicopter was pioneering and the company he formed and retired from 12 years ago went on to sell 13,000 aircraft including the four-place piston R44 and the turbine R66.

AViAD’s founder Jon Woodrow remembers his dealings with Frank as someone who was always personable, ever willing to discuss his passion for helicopters and safety and always engaging and interested in fellow aviators.

His legacy will live on in the world of aviation for many decades to come and he will be missed by family, friends and industry colleagues always.